"LONELY WOMAN" Album released in 2004 by Marge Records
and "Jazz Hot Discovery" in the French press
1. Two for one
2. Something about you
3. Law years
4. The Seagulls of Kristiansund
5. Lonely Woman
6. Ugly Beauty
7. Flying eagle

Reviews on line :

Order this album on Le Souffle Continu (reference=Marge 32)

When Gérard Terrones proposed me for a new recording on his label Marge, my feeelings were alltogether of great surprise, and of being in the natural course of things, since we have known and appreciated each other for so long.

As for which musicians were to be with me in this adventure, I also naturally asked my long time companions Steve Potts, Jean-Jacques Avenel, John Betsch : thanks to them for answering yes.

Late friends and partners Jim Pepper and Mal Waldron's presence with us appeared to me as an evidence, as well as Monk's and Ornette Coleman's, our great inspirators.

I wrote " Something about you " a long time ago and had already played it with Jean-Jacques and John, it was a good opportunity to record it with them. As for "Flying Eagle", it is a tribute to our friend and partner saxophonist Jim Pepper, and his native American name. Jim left us some years ago, but his spirit is always with us.

Steve's "Two For One" is fun and has an original construction, as the title says.

I have always loved Ornette Coleman's gorgeous melodies and enjoyed playing "Lonely Woman" and "Law Years", two among my favorites.

Monk's unique and surprising changes take in my "Ugly Beauty" the appearence of a slow walz with unexpected turns.

The last piece, " The Seagulls of Kristiansund ", by my " Godfather " Mal Waldron, is so simply perfect that one can say it is a genius's work.

Claudine François

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