Flying Eagle

Flying Eagle

with acoustic bass player Hubert Dupont and drummer Hamid Drake

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with guitar player & composer Dan Rose

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Piano Solo
(Sergent Major/2010)

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Lonely Woman

with Steve Potts (sax), Jean-Jacques Avenel (acoustic bass) & John Betsch (drums)
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Amazon (Autoproduction/2002)

with the Metis Quintet :
Jean-Jacques Elangué (sax), Nicolas Genest (trumpet-flugelhorn), Denis Tchangou (drums) & André Nkouaga (double bass)
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Healing Force
(PAN MUSIC/1992)
with Didier Forget (Sax), Jane Bunnett (soprano sax, flute), Harry Gofin (bass), John Betsch (drums)
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(PAN MUSIC/1989)
with Jim Pepper (Sax), Ed Schuller (acoustic bass), John Betsch (drums), Kendra Shank (voice on "Drakumba")
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Comme Si
with Jean Querlier (Sax, hautbois, flute), Bruno Girard (Violin), Jean-Louis Méchali (drums), Pierre Jacquet (acoustic bass)
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